Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seekr Coin?

A Seekr Coin is an HR approach supported by blockchain and cryptocurrency to evolve the recruitment processes. The idea of the Seekr Coin, given by GrabJobs, is to eradicate all the job-hunting challenges by creating a digital face for the HR industry.

How Can I Buy Seekr Coin?

You can buy Seekr Coin through our official website launchpad. Seekr team has prepared a step-by-step guide for you. For more information, follow our .

Why Should I Invest in Seekr Coin?

Seekr Coin is powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency to disrupt the HR industry. GrabJobs has designed Seekr Coin to enable recruiters to find the best candidate, help job seekers to seek the desired job, allow referrals to earn rewards without the presence of central authorities and intermediaries.

By taking part in the Seekr ecosystem, you can invest in the future of the recruitment and HR industry. Furthermore, the Seekr model facilitates its users to transfer crypto funds, buy goods & services, partner with other exchanges and much more.

Why Do Job Seekers & Recruiters Need Seeker Coin?

In contrast to traditional hiring processes, the Seekr framework enables Job Seekers to instantly apply for a job and receive callbacks. While completing the profile information, seekers can ask for referrals to improve their rankings and buy more Seeker Tokens to become potential candidates.

In the Seeker framework, everything is pre-verified like the candidate’s history, background and referrals that would save the recruiter’s time to verify identity. Secondly, our recruitment platform is digital and automated to eradicate the concept of fake CVs and resumes.

Which Exchanges and Crypto Wallets Support Seekr Coin?

Binance smart chain and MetaMask wallet support Seekr Coin.

Which Cryptocurrency Do I Need to Purchase Seekr Token?

You need BNB cryptocurrency to purchase Seekr token (1BNB=420K Seekr). Head over to our to know more about it.

Can I Mine Seekr Token?

Unfortunately, Seekr Token is pre-mined. You can’t mine Seekr Token. The distribution of Seekr Token will be done according to our whitepaper. For more information, read the .

Still, confused?

Follow our and ask your queries. Right now!

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With an aim to digitize the recruitment industry, Seekr brings a distributed HR platform to connect job hunters, recruiters and referrers without mediators.