A blockchain-based approach to evolve the HR industry

GrabJobs has been solving recruitment challenges since 2018. Unlike traditional recruiting strategies, we follow modern techniques and technologies to enhance the experience of recruiters and job seekers.

To expand the future of HR, our next step is to use the power of blockchain technology in stimulating the recruitment and HR industry. GrabJobs has titled its blockchain-based approach ‘‘Seekr’’.

We have been working on the Seekr for over 6 months, and now we’re planning to go live 🎱

Although the journey was full of challenges, yet we’re enthralled to share that we’re commencing the testing phase of Seekr. After completing the testing phase, we will be ready to launch the Seekr Token🚀

You can also check the timer on our official website

Key Points To Remember

Before we get started, we want you to note down all these key points:

🔺Name of Token: Seekr

🔺Token Symbol: Seekr

🔺Number of Decimals: 18

🔺Token Contract Address: 0xC1152698e2e9Cd98De76737D9f98ADbD2E376eC0

🔺 Crowd Sale Contract Address: 0xDEA65aDf324Ca9619948fA1bC90b9386d2d12B98

🔺Supported Exchange(s): Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

🔺Supported Wallet(s): MetaMask

🔺Supported Currency(s): BNB

🔺Seekr Token Supply: 10Billion

🔺Phase 1 Launch Price: 1BNB=420K Seekr

Note: This is just the starting price of the Seekr token, the price will be revised in upcoming phases.

🔺Softcap: 10M$

🔺Hardcap: 25M$

🔹Reminder: If you want to know about the details of Seekr, we would suggest you to read the summary of our project and whitepaper.

Follow All Security Measures 🔐

Before purchasing the Seekr Token, we recommend you to follow all the authenticity checks and steps:

  1. Purchase Seekr Token only from the official website 💻
  2. Don’t purchase a token from other exchanges❌
  3. Enable two-factor authentication before purchasing the token ✅
  4. Seekr team will never contact you personally to discuss private sales ❌
  5. Follow only official links 🔗 to receive authentic information 📄

Seekr Social Connections:





Seekr Token Purchasing Method

In this guide, we will walk you through the Seekr Token purchasing method.

The guide is divided into seven different parts:

Part A: Register for Seekr

Part B: How to Install MetaMask

Part C: How to Use MetaMask

Part D: Connecting Seekr to MetaMask

Part E: Switching to BNB Main Network

Part F: Purchase Seekr Tokens Against BNB

Part G: Purchase Seekr Tokens Against USD

Let’s dive in…

Part A: Register for Seekr

To purchase the Seekr Token, follow all the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the official Seekr website, and click over the Buy Now button.

Official Website

Step 2: Seekr sign up screen will appear, enter your first name, last name, email address to complete all the fields. Hit the Join Community button.

Step 3: A dashboard screen will open as shown below. Move your cursor to the MetaMask dialogue box extension, and select the Connect Now option.

Note: You need a MetaMask extension to perform all the remaining steps.

Part B: How to Install MetaMask

Step 1: To install the MetaMask, open the link.

Step 2: Click over the Download tab.

MetaMask Official Website

Step 3: Select either Chrome, iOS, Android depending upon your browser.

Install MetaMask

Step 4: Select the Add to Chrome option.

Step 5: Select Add Extension and the Download procedure will get started.

Add Chrome Extension

Step 6: Once downloaded, the MetaMask logo (Fox) will appear, as shown below.

Welcome to MetaMask

Part C: How to Use MetaMask Wallet

Step 1: To use the MetaMask wallet, click over the Get Started tab.

Get Started

Step 2: Select Create a wallet option.

Create a Wallet

Step 3: Click on I Agree.

Step 4: Enter your password and select create.

Create Account

Step 5: Select the Next button.

Secure your Wallet

Step 6: Click to get the secret phrase.

Secret Backup Phrase

Step 7: A 12-word seed phrase will be assigned to you. Copy this phrase, and save it to somewhere safe. You can use this phrase to unlock (or access) your wallet.

Step 8: Confirm your secret phrase.

Confirm your Secret Backup Phrase

Step 9: Congratulations you’ve set up your MetaMask account successfully. Click All Done.

Part D: Connecting Seekr to MetaMask

Step 1: Once you’ve installed, and enabled your MetaMask screen, you will see the following screen after signing up.

Step 2: A pop-up screen of MetaMask notification will appear. Enter your password or unlock it via seed phrase.

Unlock Wallet

Step 3: Select any one of your accounts, and click on the Next button. Allow the Seekr site to access your account’s wallet using Connect button.


Step 4: Once you’ve connected to MetaMask, the following screen will open;

Part E: Switching to BNB Main Network

Step 1: To resolve this issue, you first need to switch to BNB Main Net.

Step 2: Open the MetaMask, move your cursor to the Account Options and select the Expand View.

Expand View

Step 3: Click over the Network tab, and select the Custom RPC option from the drop-down menu.

Custom RPC

Step 4: Now enter the following details:

  1. Network Name: BNB Main Network
  3. Chain ID: 0x38 (If 0x38 doesn’t work, use 56 in decimal)
  4. Currency Symbol (optional): BNB
  5. Block Explorer URL (optional):
BNB Main Network Details

Step 5: Save the network, and select the Add Network button from the top. The BNB Main Network will be added as shown below.

BNB Main Network Added

After adding the BNB network, your dashboard will look like this

Part F: Buy Seekr Tokens Against BNB

Step 1: Now open the Seekr Tab. You will see a Dashboard screen, and Buy with wallet and Credit Card option like below:

Step 2: Select the Buy with Wallet option and enter the amount of Seekr coin you want to purchase via BNB.

Price Reminder: 1 BNB = 420K Seekr Coins

Buy with Wallet

Step 3: Click over the Buy Now button.

Buy Now

Step 4: MetaMask notification will appear on the right side of your screen. Press the Confirm button.

Step 5: It takes only 20 seconds to complete the transaction as shown below.

Transaction in-progress
Transaction Completed

Step 6: The Seekr balance will update automatically.

Seekr Balance

Part G: Buy Seekr Token Against USD

Step 1: You can also purchase the Seekr token through a credit card. To buy the Seekr Token against USD, click over the buy with credit card button as shown below:

Buy with Credit Card

Step 2: Select the package ranging from 100 USD to 3000 USD. The selection of packages must be done according to account balance. Please perform the entire process with extra care as the transaction procedure is irreversible.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected the package, confirm your payment by adding your account number. Move your cursor to the Buy Now button.

Buy Now

Step 4: A new tab will be opened as shown below. Add your credit information and other specifications.

Confirm Payment

Step 5: After clicking over the Pay button, the following screen will appear.

Confirmation Notification

Helpful Tip: If you still find any confusion or have questions, please feel free to reach out.

GrabJobs is creating a decentralized HR platform (Seekr) where job seekers will get a substantial job, recruiters will get a verified candidate, referrers will get rewards and bonuses without intermediaries.

GrabJobs has been considered as one of the most promising job-seeking websites since 2018. The idea to implement or target the blue-collar ecosystem makes it a favourite recruiting platform among job seekers.



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With an aim to digitize the recruitment industry, Seekr brings a distributed HR platform to connect job hunters, recruiters and referrers without mediators.